About Us

Sy Kessler Sales, Inc. is the North American Headquarters for Renata Batteries of Itingen, Switzerland.  “Kessler” is responsible for all of Renata’s OEM electronics sales in North and South America, while at the same time, for directing all sales and marketing activities for the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Kessler’s primary markets include the watch and jewelry industry, electronic industry, as well as consumer electronics and hearing aid markets.

  • Renata is a 60-year old Swiss company, recognized worldwide as a leading producer of high-quality, miniature silver oxide and lithium watch batteries.  Born from the Swiss watch industry, Renata batteries are trusted for use as original equipment in the overwhelming majority watches produced in Europe in North America. Renata is “the power source” behind the Swiss watch momentum.
  • Renata produces the world’s largest variety of superior quality lithium batteries and battery holders, trusted throughout the electronics industry for use in devices ranging from computers and glucose monitors, to RFID and security devices.
  • Renata also produces the world’s best performing zinc-air battery for hearing devices, rechargeable lithium coin cells, rechargeable lithium-ion polymer and ultra-thin cells in addition to highly flexible primary lithium batteries.

Kessler has been a trusted partner to Renata since 1980, when Kessler became Renata’s first American distributor, later developing into Renata’s North American Headquarters.  Over the years, Kessler has sold several hundred million RENATA batteries to customers in multiple industries, including watch, auto, hearing health care, consumer electronic, pawn, grocery and drug stores. Kessler created numerous kits and custom battery assortments designed to motivate customers to effectively transition to Renata, while promoting the brand and services offered.

Sy Kessler Sales, Inc. (dba: GEMORO) is also a manufacturer, importer, exporter and master distributor of innovative products. The company specializes in both consumer and commercial jewelry cleaning equipment and solutions, diamond and moissanite testing equipment, gold and platinum testing equipment, digital scales, microscopes and handheld magnifiers, task lighting, measuring and gemological instrumentation products. Kessler owns several patents amongst its extensive Intellectual Property.

The company’s global customer base consists of the leading jewelers supply houses, prominent jewelry store chains, consumer electronics resellers, online resellers, catalog resellers, TV resellers and more.  GEMORO produces what many consider to be the leading products within its areas of expertise.  The GEMORO divisions include:  GEMORO PRODUCTS, GEMORO SUPERIOR INSTRUMENTS, GEMORO POWERFUL ULTRASONICS, GEMORO PLATINUM SCALES, and GEMORO THE SPARKLE EXPERTS.

The late Sy Kessler established the company in 1968, and the tradition of servicing its customers has continued for three generations. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the owners of Sy Kessler Sales, Inc., are brothers Henry and Daniel Kessler.