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From left to right: Danny, Vance, Alex, & Henry Kessler.

GEMORO PRODUCTS is a division of Sy Kessler Sales, Inc. a world renown manufacturer, importer, exporter and master distributor of the jewelry industry’s most innovative, quality made and feature rich equipment, instruments, tools and supplies.  The company owns several US PATENTS amongst its extensive list of Intellectual Property.  GEMORO specializes in commercial and consumer jewelry cleaning appliances, solutions and products, diamond and moissanite testing instruments, gold and platinum testing equipment, weighing and measuring devices, optical, gemological, task lighting, watch repair tools and more.

The leading GEMORO line includes an array of products within the following segments:  GEMORO PRODUCTS, GEMORO SUPERIOR INSTRUMENTS, GEMORO POWERFUL ULTRASONICS, GEMORO PLATINUM SCALES, and GEMORO THE SPARKLE EXPERTS.  GEMORO products are available through an international network of Authorized GEMORO dealers, distributors, TV resellers, and direct marketers located throughout the world.

The late Sylvia and Sy Kessler established the company in 1968, and the tradition of servicing its customers has proudly continued for 50 years and three generations. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the owners of Sy Kessler Sales are brothers Henry and Daniel Kessler. According to Henry Kessler, the company’s President, “When dad passed away in 1980, my mother Sylvia, my brother Daniel and I all began working together to build upon his many friendships and proud legacy”. Thank you for sharing our success.

– Sy Kessler Sales, Inc.

Moissanite International is a leading producer of superior quality moissanite, headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The company is proud to announce that it has partnered with the well-known Sy Kessler Sales / GEMORO Products for sales into the United States and Canadian markets. Kessler will be acting as the company’s Authorized Master Distributor in this territory.

Moissanite International has brought together a team of experts—physicists, engineers, material scientists, PhD’s in Silicon Carbide Growth and Organic Chemistry, skilled Moissanite cutters, Moissanite experts, and specialists in Moissanite retailing from around the world to accomplish our shared mission of growing sales of the world’s most beautiful gemstone.

Moissanite International’s high-tech facility, which opened in 2007, is purely dedicated to producing Silicon Carbide (Moissanite). This factory produces huge volumes of high quality Moissanite gemstones, to support growing market demands. Together, we are committed to helping you to build a substantial and sustainable Moissanite business, utilizing creative marketing tools, and the most efficient service available, from a network you already know and trust.

SUPERNOVA Moissanite™, is the jewel of the future.

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Sy Kessler Sales, Inc.  DBA: Kessler Batteries

In the late 1970s, as the quartz watch revolution was heating up, Sy Kessler sold watch batteries initially while working as a sales representative of Portescap US (formerly the Watchmaster Products division of the Bulova Watch Company). Sy Kessler Sales, Inc. eventually took over this watch battery distribution business, successfully building it one customer at a time. Over the decades since, the Kesslers have sold hundreds of millions of batteries from factories all over the world, to a prestigious list of customers that reads like the “Who’s Who” of the watch and electronics industries. This now 3rd generation family business celebrated 2017 as the company’s top grossing sales year ever, while 2018 marks the companies 50th anniversary.

As the recognized North American leader in the marketing and distribution of button and coin cell batteries, Sy Kessler Sales recently developed a strategic alliance with Sony Batteries. Sony, the global leader in watch battery sales, selected Sy Kessler Sales (dba: KESSLER BATTERIES) to market their products in the US and Canada, with a primary focus upon the watch and consumer electronics channels. KESSLER BATTERIES watch and consumer division serves watch companies and their authorized service centers, jewelry chain stores, pawnbrokers, auto parts, hardware, and security product suppliers, consumer electronics resellers, hearing healthcare providers, and all types of battery specialists, dealers and distributors.

Sharon Rossi Ensminger, who claims she has “lithium in her blood,” directs KESSLER BATTERIES OEM and industrial Electronics sales team and marketing efforts.  Kessler’s organization of approximately 150 independent sales representatives cover North and South America.  Sharon and her team have been involved in every step of the process, from motivating battery manufacturers to support market potential, to identifying target customer applications, to managing marketing and sales activities, logistics and “just in time” inventory support. Today, KESSLER BATTERIES, as a battery solution provider, sells a variety of battery chemistries, sizes and shapes, with a growing expertise in lithium polymer batteries and battery holders for medical, security, and wearable applications.