Because we are passionate about diamonds, of course, our family embraced what is considered by many to be the fastest, most important, and exciting new segment of the diamond and jewelry industry–lab grown diamonds! 

We at KESSLER LAB GROWN DIAMONDS teamed up and established strategic alliances with the leading HPHT and CVD lab grown diamond producers, cutters, and lab grown diamond jewelry manufacturers in India, Dubai, Israel, and the USA. Specializing in colorless, Ideal Cut lab-certified diamonds, we offer all shapes and sizes of beautiful diamonds that have been hand-picked by our experts.

Just to be clear, lab grown diamonds (aka synthetic, cultured, or man-made) are in fact diamonds–not simulants like CZ or moissanite. They are exactly the same, with identical physical, chemical, and optical properties as what came from nature. The only difference is they were responsibly and ethically created, with no mining, no conflict, just LOVE.

Now let’s get a bit technical and provide you more insight into lab grown diamonds.


Chemical Composition: Carbon

Hardness: 10 on the Mohs Scale

Refractive Index: 2.417 – 2.419

Crystalline Structure: Cubic

Dispersion: 0.044

Density: 3.52

There are two common ways to create lab grown diamonds, and we offer the best of both:

  1. HPHT or High Pressure-High Temperature, is a process that simulates the way diamonds are made in nature. This process begins with a diamond “seed”, which can be either a natural diamond or a lab grown diamond. Extreme heat in excess of 5000F and intense pressure of over 700,000PSI, along with a proprietary formula of iron, nickel, and cobalt flux create an environment that allows the starter seed to grow.
  2. CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition is the second method. With the CVD process, a diamond starter seed is placed in a sealed chamber, which is heated to high temperatures of 1472F. The chamber is filled with a carbon-rich hydrogen and methane gas. This ionization breaks down the carbon gas, allowing the pure carbon molecules to adhere to the diamond seed. The carbon then slowly builds into a crystal layer by layer. CVD diamonds can be grown within 14 days.

There are four types of diamonds (TYPE IA, TYPE IB, TYPE IIA, or TYPE IIB), with TYPE IIA being the purest. The best and what are considered to be the most beautiful of all diamonds are TYPE IIA. Only 2% of all mined diamonds fall into this prized category. In contrast, virtually 100% of all lab grown diamonds are TYPE IIA.

We at KESSLER LAB GROWN DIAMONDS want to be your preferred resource for some of the finest, most competitively priced lab grown diamonds and jewelry available. Plus, because we pride ourselves on our exemplary service, you’ll get the best of all worlds. Please contact us today and put our team to work for you, you’ll be glad you did!