Experience beauty without compromise, fortified by unparalleled security.

Set virtually any gemstone onto any material, eliminating prongs that are vulnerable to wearing out.

Jewelry Gem-Setting with modern beauty and remarkable speed.

Each gemstone is set securely at the base using our patented stone locking mechanism.

Acetate & Titanium Eyewear Manufacturing enters a new era, incorporating elegant gemstones without compromising weight or security.

Watch Bezels, Cases, and Bands produced in any material–stainless steel, ceramic, or any precious metal–utilizes our exquisite prong-free and secured gem-setting technology.

KESSLER SETTINGS is globally responsible for managing this PATENTED gemstone-setting technology.

View the two versions below.

Square/Princess Shape Hidden Stone Holder

The first is the Square/Princess Shape Hidden Stone Holder finding, which is designed to attach to grooves that have been pre-cut into the pavilion just below the girdle on opposing sides of calibrated square/princess-cut stones (as seen in this video). This allows the edges or girdles of the stones to perfectly meet the surrounding stone’s edges with no metal being visible.

Traditional invisible style settings require expensive highly skilled labor to carefully slide the groove on pre-cut stones onto a hidden rail or track, which is exceptionally vulnerable to breakage and failure. The repairs on these style settings are very complicated and expensive to perform.

Round Micro-Half Bezel Stone Holder

The second version of this technology is the Round Micro-Bezel Stone Holder finding, which uses a micro half-bezel style claw that grips calibrated round stones by the edges or girdle of the stone. These claws are almost invisible to the naked eye, making the stones appear like they are floating.

What are the benefits?

It’s a MUCH FASTER jewelry manufacturing process as compared to traditional gemstone setting.

Set 1 stone every 10 seconds, while also eliminating the need for expensive, highly skilled gem setters.

This is NOT a machine-set process and therefore requires no initial investment.

Why is KESSLER SETTINGS Technology better than Stone-In-Wax Casting?

Uncompromised Color

Utilize Semiprecious Stones that maintain consistent color needs.

Other time-saving gem setting techniques such as Stone-In-Wax Casting methods require very highly skilled casters. These existing methods are highly prone to breakage, and they can potentially make stones change color due to heat transfer.

The KESSLER SETTINGS technology can allow you to quickly set any colored gemstone without potentially compromising the stone in any way. It does not require highly skilled casters or setters.

Technological Advancement

The KESSLER SETTINGS technological advancement paves the way for luxury brands to set diamonds and other gemstones into plastic, titanium, stainless steel, ceramic, carbon fiber, and precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and other hard materials without jeopardizing the stone’s safety and integrity during everyday wear.

Easily set beautiful gemstones directly into acetate or titanium eyewear!

Watch Bands & Watch Bezels

Manufacturers can continue to use CNC equipment to cut and produce any desired material to exact specifications. With the KESSLER SETTINGS technology, manufacturers can easily set stones at a rate of 1 stone every 10 seconds, with no upfront machine costs. This technology has the potential for automation, which further enhances production efficiencies and reduces costs.

Goodbye glue and stainless steel prongs!

Manufacturers of eyewear, phone cases, and other premium accessories can incorporate beautiful stones into their designs using the KESSLER SETTINGS technology to click-lock CZs, diamonds, or any gemstones into plastic, acetate, titanium, stainless steel, ceramic, etc.

Enjoy perfectly level uniformity.

Luxury designers can enjoy a perfectly flat gemstone-table transition because the stone holder consistently and precisely grips each stone from the girdle or beneath the girdle.

“You cannot set stones any flatter!” –Co-Founder

What is the setting process?

The KESSLER SETTINGS revolutionary technology involves the use of a patented stone holder finding. The findings require that they be used with calibrated stones. The stones are snapped into the findings where they are initially held in place with tension prior to being fully locked in during the setting process. The findings with the stones are then placed into a seat/hole that has been prepared in a setting, watch bezel, etc., which then requires a special hand tool to complete the stone setting process. The tool reaches underneath the finding, and when the hand tool is activated, it simultaneously click-locks the stone into the finding, and “flares” the rear of the finding into a rock-solid locked position in the setting. After this process is completed, the end result is that the stones are fully locked into the findings, which are also fully locked into the setting. With relatively little training and practice, this entire setting process can be completed in as few as 10 seconds.

Before Flaring

After Flaring

Welcome to the future gem-setting station.

  • Fewer gem-setting tools

  • Occupy less space

  • This Setting Process does not require expensive jewelry-benches

Customized Configurations

Welcome manufacturers! Give your product an edge by applying gorgeous gemstones to materials such as hard plastic, titanium, stainless steel, ceramic, carbon fiber, or other approved materials. Gems can be set in any formation such as sporadic stars or can be an outline or filled-in logo. There are endless applications. See what it takes to make your product FEEL luxurious–like it was intended.

If you have questions or would like to receive more information on KESSLER SETTINGS, please don’t hesitate to contact us.