Kessler Moissanite partnered with the leading moissanite manufacturers, and their teams of experts—physicists, engineers, material scientists, Ph.D.’s in Silicon Carbide Growth and Organic Chemistry, along with skilled moissanite cutters to accomplish their mission of supplying the world’s most beautiful gemstone to leading jewelry retailers everywhere.

Kessler Moissanite and their partners utilize high-tech facilities, that are purely dedicated to producing the highest quality moissanite to support the growing market demands.

Kessler Moissanite, a cut above!

Our Objective

Moissanite is an ever-growing multimillion-dollar industry that has become increasingly popular, especially in recent years. Considering that the jewelry shopping habits of our current generation are a world away from that of their parents’ precious gem preferences, we have focused our efforts to support jewelers everywhere who wish to adapt to this market shift by offering our conflict-free and socially responsible Kessler Moissanite.

Unrivaled Beauty, Incredible Value & Socially Responsible

Moissanite has unrivaled brilliance, fire, and luster, qualities that define the beauty of a jewel, but at a fraction of the cost. Kessler Moissanite is the most desirable moissanite available, embraced by women around the world. Kessler Moissanite is ethically grown, guaranteeing they are conflict-free and socially responsible.

Extensive Range

When you see Kessler Moissanite for the first time, its brilliance and fire will take your breath away! Masterfully hand-cut to bring out the best light performance, Kessler Moissanite is available in the most extensive range of shapes and sizes, including fancy cuts. The options for your customers are limitless.