Recycling Program

Kessler Batteries will buy spent silver oxide watch batteries, paying market silver per ounce x 1.5 for each pound received, excluding other batteries and packaging. (i.e. If spot silver is trading for $20 an ounce, we will pay $30 a pound for each pound of silver oxide batteries received, or we will pay 1.7 x spot for returns greater than 25 lbs)

We offer proper, safe, and trackable recycling. We pay nothing for lithium, alkaline, zinc-air, or other non-silver oxide batteries – they represent a cost for recycling that ranges from $0.75 / pound to more than $6.00 per pound depending upon the battery chemistry – plus transport and handling costs. Our offer is based upon receiving a normal mix of batteries (approximately 90% silver oxide). If the concentration of silver oxide batteries is less than 90% of any shipment we receive, an adjustment may be made in the settlement, or a charge issued.

The minimum shipment of batteries accepted for payment is 3 pounds. Spent cells must be pre-sorted to isolate the lithium batteries from everything else. Lithium batteries must first be individually bagged or covered with tape. Transport only via surface carriers. Spent lithium batteries shipped to us jumbled will be assessed a labor fee to sort and cover the lithium terminals; the shipper would remain liable for any damages or fines occurring as a result of this negligence. Expired batteries should be returned in the manufacturer’s original packaging.

To avoid the very real risk of fire from jumbled lithium coin cells, we suggest that technicians cover the spent cells with tape as soon as they are removed from devices. A piece of box tape about 12in long could be located inconspicuously on the side of the workbench. Once the strip of tape is full of spent cells, place another piece of tape over the batteries. Once the batteries are sealed between both strips of tape, they could be safely transported for recycling.

Our attractive recycling container holds about 3 pounds of spent silver oxide batteries and features a slotted lid that allows a 357-size battery to pass through while restricting most lithium cells. This recycling container is available free upon request, from participating Sony / Murata watch battery distributors, with any watch battery order.