F1 Moissanite–Don’t Get Fooled!

GemOro Testerossa and GemOro PRO-M3.
The only testers recommended by Charles & Colvard for identifying the most difficult new F1 moissanite!


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Security and Peace of Mind with GemOro Moissanite Testers

by Charles & Colvard

Secondary to identifying these visual characteristics, there are tools that if used properly can help gemologists and jewelers verify the identity of the gem. These tools test the electrical conductivity of the material. There are two moissanite testers on the market that we suggest: The GemOro PRO-M3 and GemOro Testerossa. Learn more about testers, here. By following the manufacturer’s instructions, jewelers using the Testerossa can identify moissanite, diamond and white sapphire in one simultaneous test.

Obviously, we are proud of our moissanite gemstones (for so many more reasons than we’ve discussed here) and never want our customers or any consumer to be confused about our products. We want you to choose moissanite, intentionally.

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The following is text from The Centurion article on the new F1 moissanite. Please click on the link at the bottom, to view the article in it’s entirety.

New Moissanite Trips Up Jewelers With Older Testers; GIA Releases Guide To Spotting Synthetics

But last year, Charles & Colvard, a leading producer of synthetic moissanite, introduced Forever One, a new and improved formula with D-E-F color and much less electrical conductivity—in fact, barely any, says Kessler. The company also offers Forever Brilliant, which has G-H color, and its J-K color now is being marketed as Forever Classic. The Forever One product comes in round, cushion, Asscher, oval, and square cuts.

“The old [tester] technology doesn’t work,” Kessler told The Centurion bluntly. “Forever One has such slight conductivity that if you touch it to any tester, it will say diamond.”

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Watch all other testers be fooled by the NEW F1 moissanite!