How To Order

SY KESSLER SALES, INC. / GemOro equipment, tool and supply products are available through our international network of jewelers supply houses, dealers and distributors located predominantly throughout North America, as well as strategically located in major cities around the world. Please contact us for the name of our authorized dealer or distributor nearest you. If you are interested in purchasing our products through your regular local supplier, a reward in the form of special pricing considerations on your order will be offered to you for connecting us up! If it is more convenient for you to simply go ahead and place your order with us, please feel free to do so and we will make every effort to process your order through one of our loyal stocking dealers or distributors.

In 1980, SY KESSLER SALES, INC. operated as the first U.S. importer of RENATA consumer batteries, and became the sole importer and master distributor in 1983. Over the many years, SY KESSLER SALES, INC. has sold several hundred million RENATA Swiss made batteries. RENATA watch batteries are available through the SY KESSLER SALES, INC. network of jewelers supply houses, battery distributors, retail jewelry stores, pawn shops, watch companies and their service centers.

RENATA batteries are utilized as original equipment in a vast array of consumer and medical electronic devices, and replacement batteries are available at a variety of consumer electronics stores, automobile parts and accessory stores, drug and grocery stores, hardware and convenience stores, as well as their distributors and dealers. Look for RENATA batteries in hundreds of locations on the web.

RENATA premium hearing aid batteries are available through hearing health care professionals, hearing aid manufacturers, direct marketers, full line health care distributors and dealers.

We have created multiple kits and assortments designed to make the transition to RENATA like a walk in the park! Please contact us for the name of our authorized dealer or distributor nearest you.


Although we do not offer our products on a direct basis to independent retail jewelers, we do actively supply what we deem as qualified, large multi-unit chainstores. To determine whether you meet our criteria to be our qualified chain store customer, please direct your inquiries to our Sales Manager, Mr. Bill Patton.


If you would like to place an order but are currently not an authorized dealer or distributor for our company and are a qualified jewelers supply house, jewelry equipment dealer or distributor, scale dealer, dental supply house, consumer electronics reseller, audiologist, hearing aid dispenser, hearing aid manufacturer, battery distributor, watch company or OEM manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us here.


Do you have a concept for a new product or have you designed or produced a new product with applications in the jewelry/pawn, consumer electronics or hearing healthcare markets? Our company would be very interested in learning about your ideas and the possibility of offering it through our comprehensive world-wide channels of distribution. Further, we are associated with many overseas factories that are in a position to make your concept into a reality, while producing it for you to sell through our company. Please contact our Operations Manager, Mr. Harold Lee at and learn about the possibilities and opportunities of working with SY KESSLER SALES, INC.!


Call: 800.527.0719 or 214.351.0380
Fax: 800.832.9871 or 214.351.1903

10455 Olympic Drive
Dallas, Texas 75220 U.S.A.

Also Headquarters for: Renata Batteries in North America and GemOro Superior Instruments.

Thank you in advance for your business!