• Main lightbox with three LED lighting options and a magnetic reflector plate.
  • Photography table and necklace/earring stand that holds jewelry at an optimal angle and reflects the GemLightbox light perfectly for a sharp image on a pure white background.
  • Adjustable smartphone holder for stable positioning during shooting.
  • Basic solar-powered, clear turntable with a simple on/off switch for capturing videos and multiple still angles.
  • Power adapter with four international plugs, so you can choose the correct one for your location.
  • Voltage: 110/220 (duo) – 3 amps


1. Top Shooting Angle

Capture a bird’s eye view of your jewelry pieces




2. Plug & Play

One on/off button, no training required! Simply plug-in power and you’re ready to go!




3. Reflector for Your Jewelry Pieces

GemLightbox reflector is custom-designed to bounce lighting back into the jewelry items




4. Daylight

“Daylight” is another lighting option perfect for hand photography, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. It creates a naturally lit warm lighting environment that simulates natural daylight.




5. Sparkles

Using the “Sparkles” light is a great way to highlight the fires and sparkles in your gemstones. To use the sparkle light, simply press the sparkle light button.