Multisizer Finger Sizing Gauge

The number one Multisizer Finger Sizing Gauge!

Increase ring sales and eliminate ring returns with the Multisizer. This unique invention is used worldwide as the ultimate solution for a precision ring-sizing tool. The Multisizer works like a belt with a buckle, which easily wraps around the finger, going over the knuckle. When you tighten it into a comfortable fit, an arrow indicates the precise finger size. While costing only pennies each, the applications for use and benefits are endless! TV and direct-mail jewelry retailers or catalog marketers . . . guarantee your customers the right ring size every time! Insert the Multisizer in your catalog and give them the tool to immediately and accurately measure their finger prior to ordering a ring. Private labeling and additional discounts available on large volume orders.

Quantities for Customized Orders:

100,000 for custom printing on Multisizer Envelopes. For custom printing on actual Multisizer–please send direct inquiry.

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