Murata Deluxe Watch Battery Starter Kit

Most watch batteries are easy to replace, have an average cost of less than $1, and typically sell for $12.50 or more. Build customer confidence by featuring the world’s leading watch battery brand, Murata!

Murata Deluxe Watch Battery Starter Kit includes everything you need: 225 Assorted Popular Murata Batteries, 38 types, covering more than 99% of sales, an assortment of the most popular watch batteries, battery change instructions, and training video created by the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute, Murata’s 60-drawer organizer display featuring our exclusive popularity scale and cross-referenced drawer label set, and all the necessary tools, including:

  • Snap & Screw Back Watch Case Openers
  • Small Flat Head Screwdrivers 
  • Murata Watch Battery Size Selector 
  • GEMORO Watch Battery Tester 
  • Plastic & Fine Point Metal Tweezers 
  • Spring Bar Tool & Assorted Spring Bars 
  • Watch Band Link Pin Remover & Extra Pins 
  • Hammer with Plastic and Metal Heads 
  • 3 Sizes of Punch Pins 
  • Watch Case Vise 
  • Rubber Gasket Assortment 
  • Cross Reference Guide 
  • Inventory Control System 
  • 10”x 7” Window Sticker
  • Battery Recycling Container