Protective Darkening Screen for Helix PJW

Protective Darkening Screen for Helix PJW, Foldable, 4″ Viewing Area

Introducing the Foldable Darkening Screen for the Helix Permanent Jewelry Welder. This foldable screen is manufactured from heavy gauge steel, with the largest screen on the market.

Comfortably hold your stylus in the back, or use the generous work area to free-hand. The stand is well light with embedded LED’s, producing a bright work area. For the busy professional permanent jewelry artist, quickly fold the screen and pack for your next pop up. No more awkward large screens that take a suitcase to manage. When folded, the screen foot print is 2″ tall, 8″ wide, and 6″ long. It can perfectly slip into any bag without fear of damage or wires coming loose. All wiring is internal and protected from the work area. Unlike traditional darkening screens that have been on the market for many years, there is not any exposed wiring.

The viewing area (darkening screen portion) is a generous 4″ wide (100mm) by 3.2″ tall 81mm. Fully extended, the darkening screen stands at 9″ tall, leaving plenty of work area.


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