Quickly and easily scrubs jewelry clean with powerful ultrasonic sound waves. It’s simple–plug in, fill with water, place your jewelry in the basket and turn it on!

  • 600ml capacity ultrasonic tank
  • Quickly and easily clean your jewelry with gentle, yet powerful ultrasonic sound waves
  • Voltage: 110V/120V NOTE: This machine is designed to be used in the USA (110V/120V countries)
  • No scrubbing or polishing required–cleans in only minutes
  • 3 Programmable cleaning cycles–3, 5, and 10 minutes
  • Although the SparkleSpa safely cleans most jewelry using regular tap water, for enhanced cleaning results we recommend GEMORO SparklePak Plus cleaning solution (sold separately Item #0937)
  • Guaranteed to remove dirt, grime, body oil, cosmetics, and body care products from your jewelry
  • Designer white pearl finish
  • Bright blue LED illuminates the stainless steel tank
  • Includes a removable basket and bracelet/watch holder
  • 1 Year limited replacement warranty

Click here to download manual

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