YEHUDA Sherlock Holmes 3.0


  • Simple to use, with the same 100% detection rate as the SH 2.0
  • Checks single, loose or mounted diamonds, CZ & Moissanite (including those coated with CVD)
  • Checks parcels & 18 rings at a time
  • Large dynamic folding screen
  • Amazing 8x magnification (0.005ct looks like a 2ct) for effortless detection of even the smallest stones
  • Presentation feature allows you to take control of your SH 3.0 from anywhere in the world
  • Multiple sensitivity settings for easy analysis
  • Internal long UV test (reduces false-positive results)
  • Enhanced simulants detection & auto-updates via WIFI
  • Saves results to Google drive/memory stick
  • Portable carrying case included


“I love my Sherlock Holmes 3.0. The learning curve was easy. It comes with 2 synthetic melee test stones but it’s nice to have a couple of known CVD & HPHT stones as a control to learn the machine. I checked every diamond in my cases & found one all lab grown ring & 3 “salted” pieces. For me, that was well worth the price paid to not accidentally sell someone a piece that’s not natural. We check every piece we buy whether it’s OTC or from a vendor now. I also check repairs & appraisal pieces at take-in.”

Garth Tidwell, Gold Rush Jewelry


SH 3.0 Detector Accessories:

  • SH 3.0 User’s Quick Guide
  • 2 Trays (1 grided, 1 open)
  • 1 Velvet finger holder
  • 1 18-ring display
  • 1 HPHT Lab Grown diamond sample
  • 1 Charger w/ all global adapters
  • 1 USB memory drive stick
  • 1 Ethernet cord

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Click here to download the Sherlock Holmes 3.0 manual

Click here to view Sherlock Holmes 3.0 tutorials

Additional information

Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 10 in