(All customer reviews shown here have been reposted from Amazon.com)

Awesome!!! September 5, 2020
Cleans good, easy to use and a great price for the value!!! – G MULA

Best bang for your buck! July 13, 2020
– Compact Size
– The price.
– 3 Timers to choose from: 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes
– Very easy to operate
– Cleans so well, that all of my jewelry pieces sparkle like new!

Cons: None, in my humble opinion. – Tina A Frisch

works great April 23, 2020
I use this item to clean my microdermabrasion diamond tip. Before I used this machine I cleaned the tip with a soft brush and soap and water but I never felt it was removing all the skin debris. using the Sparkle Spa leaves the diamond tip very clean and sparkling.– drea0903

Highly recommend!!!!! February 8, 2020
Love everything about this product– cougar

Works great! January 30, 2020
I already had one of these cleaners. My friend used it for her rings and was pleasantly surprised at how it made her jewelry look brand new. I bought one as her Christmas gift this year. It was a BIG hit! It is the gift that keeps on giving…beautiful sparkling clean jewelry! – Betty Davis

Great Product! August 5, 2020
Great product! I saw this on TV but didn’t want to pay the shipping price so checked Amazon. So glad I did. It really makes my jewelry sparkle! I don’t know how long it will last but for now very happy with it. – Renee Leveque

Leaves jewelry sparkly, August 4, 2020
Works quick fast and easy and my jewelry sparkles. – Lillian Baughman

Thumbs up for me, May 16, 2020
Works great. – Nate Bear

This works! February 12, 2020
I’ve tried many jewelry cleaners but this is by far the best. I used it on my wedding rings and they shined brighter than they have in years. Even more than when a jeweler cleaned them a few months ago. – Amazon customer

Sparkle wand cleans and adds shine, February 6, 2020
Excellent to clean and refresh silver jewelry. – Julie Williams

Nice, July 13, 2020
Gets jewelry clean. – Coco

Works as stated, March 5, 2020
GemOro jewelry cleaner works great, so bought the cleaner recommended. One of the best solution I have used.
They were very quick with shipping. – Amazon customer

Highly recommend, January 15, 2020
Love it, my rings look new after using this product. – June Robinson

Love it! November 11, 2019
This cleaner is perfect in an ultrasonic cleaner for rings etc. – Michael S.

Easy To Use!! March 19, 2019
I have the Gemoro Ultrasonic Cleaner…but never quite knew how much of the liquid form of product to add. This works beautifully, and in pre-measured packets according to my machine.
Love it!! – Charolette Eve

Fabulous Cleaner!, May 18, 2013
I just bought a GemOro sonic cleaner & wanted to correct, non-ammonia solution to go with it. Just received the solution today (fast!) and I love it. So glad I bought it and would again, thanks!! – M. L. Patalano